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Anima Christi

I break and loose myself and my family from all curses that have been and are being placed upon me and my family, including any demons being sent to us: curses of witchcraft, psychic thoughts or prayers, ungodly intercessory prayers; all words spoken in anger, hurt, sorrow, or bitterness; all incense being burned for or against us, in JESUS' name. Leviticus But if they confess their own and their fathers' iniquity in their treachery which they committed against Me - and also that because they walked contrary to Me.

By the power of the Blood of JESUS, I declare each of these curses due to sins of drunkenness to be broken and now powerless and of no effect, according to Galatians Believe it or not, but foul weather can be caused by demons, which means we have authority over them in that area too. Time and time again, we have prayed against the severe weather, and it either stops in its tracks or heads the other way.

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It must be noted, however, that if God wants to allow your neighbors property to be damaged, the storm will come through, but your property can be safeguarded, IF you are right with the Lord. In the Name of JESUS, I bind all demons that cause hail, excess heat and cold, lingering domes, fire, earthquakes, tornados, lightning, damaging winds, floods, hurricanes, bad weather of all kinds.

Father, I ask you to send your warring angels Matthew into the heavenlies to do battle with these demons, to knock them off their thrones, take their crowns from their heads, and to write on their foreheads that they have been defeated by the Lord JESUS Christ. Father, I ask that you send the warring angels to block these demons from coming into our city, state, or county. I ask for warring angels to be placed around our property and home for protection from these demons.

These Scriptures, Deuteronomy , Psalm , , and Isaiah are just four of many Scriptures that offer us some protection against people coming against us. I personally know of a number of people who came against me, and met with terrible judgment from the Lord. One man use to make fun by saying frequently, seen any demons lately? He unexpectedly was fired from his job, his wife divorced him, he was in an auto wreck that almost killed him, he turned into an alcoholic, and had a massive heart attack. A previous employer who tried to wrongly fire me lost a multi-million dollar contract for interfering with God's work.

I've heard or read testimonies from some of you where God has intervened or judged on your behalf. These kinds of things happen to people all the time. Sometimes it happens real quick, and sometimes it takes days, weeks, months, or even years before the judgment of God falls on them. If you are under a lot of attack, you may want to specifically pray these scriptures against someone. It is God's business when and how he deals with that person. If the person is innocent, nothing will happen to them.

4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits

This is not practicing witchcraft. We do not pray for bad things to happen to people. We rightfully pray to God.

Once we have done this, it is God's business how He handles it. I believe a person can avoid the judgment of God in these matters by repenting. The scriptures say, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. As your war club Jeremiah and weapons of war, I break in pieces the walls of protection that the satanists and witches have put up and I return the evil and demons back to them. I break and loose us from psychic power, thoughts and prayers. I break and loose us from words spoken in hurt, anger, sorrow or bitterness. I break and loose us from the power of incense and candles being burned on our behalf.

I bind all demons that would keep me from receiving all money, possessions, inheritance, jobs, promotions, bonuses or raises that are rightfully mine.

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Note: having unicorns in your home or an Italian Horn can cause finance problems. This can be statues or anything else. Be sure and cast out all of these demons. Be sure to anoint your home. Include all doors and windows, and bind the demons and command them to leave. You can do this in your office also. My experience with strongholds is that they are usually connected to a demonic assignment.

I have to break the assignment in order to tear down the stronghold in Jesus Name by the power and Authority of Jesus Christ. This demon speaks in the mind in first person to undermine the confidence in that person. The reason is to create a legal ground for attacks to remain and multiply. I bind the demon of foreboding fear and cast it out to the obedience of Jesus Christ. God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind as it is written in 2 Timothy Break the assignment of self-accusation.

It is a stronghold that is hindering answered prayer. Using this Scripture to solidify the taking down of the stronghold after breaking the assignment. Romans - There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. I had a revelation today about deliverance. I went outdoors to paint after we spoke. When I came back indoors I smelled like the demons that were plaguing him.

I cast out all the demons but I still smelled the odors. Then I cast out the demons of ancestral iniquity and the odors went away. Usually the Lord receives my Praise and Worship and the anointing comes down. This time the Lord would not receive it. I prayed to find out why. I prayed, within my prayer I forgave those people.

That is when the Lord received my prayer. Second, we need to repent to the Lord, giving all the details concerning the problem.

Your Battle Healing Prayer - Divine Healing, Prosperity and Family Well Being for Christians

Third, we need to forgive the person in front of God, within our prayer. Fourth, after we forgive that person or people for their fallen nature, in our prayer, that is when that person is able to change. Then we will change. So every time she feels overwhelming emotions, she needs to say to the Lord: The Glory of the Lord is covering me like the waters cover the sea. Ask God to forgive you; you forgive yourself for sins against your body. Ask forgiveness for spiritual adultery. We must sound the trumpet, clothe ourselves for battle, take up our spiritual weapons, know our enemy, and attack.

Satan has limitations, methods of attack, and schemes.

This is not a "now I lay me down to sleep kind of healing prayer!"

He temps us, accuses us, and deceives us. Methods for disarming demons include researching the past, repenting of all sins, forgiving all others, recognizing God's purpose, ministering with compassion, praying with all prayer, and speaking to the mountain. The boot camp of spiritual warfare should be in our local churches, working with the sheep, and ministering deliverance to them one by one.

Ground level warfare is casting demons out of people.

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Strategic level warfare is coming against territorial spirits. We have the authority to pull down strongholds. You should continue in spiritual warfare until victory comes. Be prepared to wrestle with the enemy. Keep your faith. Remain steadfast in prayer and spiritual warfare. Our strength in the Lord is derived through spiritual exercises: daily prayer and Bible Study, fasting, fellowship with other believers, praise, worship, our testimony, and walking in holiness.

Being able to listen to God and trust in His power is a major key to instant answer to prayer. Instead, make a habit of praying for big things that only God can do.

Invite God to do something incredibly powerful in each situation that you bring to Him and watch God reveal the answers. I am praying for a miracle. I know the source from which it will come. I trust in You to send me a sign. Teach me dear Lord to know wonder. And, if You are willing, I am waiting, ready to receive my blessing today. The enemy would love nothing more for you to feel defeated and separate you from God but we have the power to win any battle against the enemy. This can begin with prayer.

We believe you have the miraculous power and strength to conquer the darkest enemy, break the strongest barrier, and silence the greatest deceiver. Your name is Worthy, Glorious, Almighty in power and we claim victory today in Your name.

Healing Prayer by Dr. Cindy Trimm - TextVideo, Powerful Healing Prayer

Send Your mightiest warriors to fight this battle for us. Lord, to You the darkness shines as bright as the day.