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Our response to these custom-made Pluto in Sagittarius events showed our honesty, integrity, philosophy, beliefs and intentions. There are responses to situations that covered the spectrum. Important is the individuals that during this time have picked up positions of power and have wielded these positions against others and have not build any inner qualities except to enlarge their hate, anger and enjoyment of others pain and anguish.

Whatever we created during this Pluto in Sagittarius will become the road that we will find as Pluto moved into Capricorn November For many who misused their power, their road will begin to veer into environments that are no longer "controllable". Similar to their inner plank that others were pushed off of in order to rid their world of others they did not favor.

Uranus Square Pluto: How will it affect me?

For many who were at the end of the callous and cruel swords of power who have fought valiantly against such mis-use of power by growing inner qualities greater than the fear of the sharp sword, the ground will swell with heightening values to find a different advantage. Once Pluto entered Capricorn we will watch many events expose the hidden elements as they come to the surface of the integrity, honesty, beliefs, intentions and the use or mis-use of philosophy, religion and power. This showing of the deep ethics will continue while Pluto is in Capricorn.

Many events cause explosive transitions in outer situations, which bring all hidden elements out into the open. This revealing process creates huge issues of scandals, mis-use of power, corruption of dealings within industries, such as within business, government, international organizations and financial industries. Once this explosion takes place the magma of ethics, integrity, motives and intentions will come spewing out to create our new pathway according to the qualities we have used. Once Pluto entered Capricorn we have been shifting our focus toward the transformation of the "structures" of the outside world; wallstreet, businesses and all of the structures of success and accomplishment in the outside world.

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Pluto has shifted the terrain to revise the financial structures, the business structures and the government structures. We are in the phase of experiencing all of these structures as a way that has become very unpredictable and are transforming in the situations and circumstances that have created this shifting terrain.

Once Uranus moves into Aries on March 11, , the Uranus winds of change will begin to blow wildly and create the square to Pluto in Capricorn. This begin a seven year time inwhich the square of Pluto and Uranus push situations into a time of great intensity. Pluto in Capricorn prompts transformation of business, government and financial "structures". No facade will last during this time of whirling change. This whirling resembles the turning of events to push coins into their particular slot according to their value; pennys go into the penny slots, dimes go into the dime slot and quarters go into the quarter slot, all according to the true value.

This square process began on January 22, as Jupiter opened the Aries floodgates and as circumstances rushed into the current environment, Uranus brought in the whirling winds of change to shift each into their true place. Once within their true place, each grows and builds or subtracts from where they are. Other planetary placements will be affected as well, especially as impacted by Uranus and Pluto.

Thunderstruck Tower

It describes the awesome political, religious, and sociological upheavals that periodically bring about a reexamination of the values that had previously sustained man. When this dynamic is used positively, it eliminates the parasitic growths that would otherwise destroy its host, man. When used negatively, it is the festering malignancy that reduces man to little more than his former animal nature. Pluto can thus represent either the advancement of each member of society or the destruction of the creative force by individuals who prey on society to satisfy their personal lust for power.

The story of how Pluto was discovered just as it was entering into an opening square with Uranus, itself reveals much about its cloaked and mysterious workings. For 15 years before the official discovery, Percival Lowell, was searching the night sky for a ninth planet, Planet X from his private observatory in Arizona. Years of searching revealed no Planet X and he set aside the project in Clyde Tombaugh, age 22 But he picked it up again in , this time joined by many others. In Lowell published the results of his search: no Planet X. Unknown to him, however, that same year, two small pictures of Planet X were recorded at his observatory.

Although Lowell found hundreds of new asteroids and stars, he was always disappointed at not finding his Planet X, and he died in without realizing he actually had recorded the elusive planet. Years passed before the next search for Planet X began. In December , Clyde Tombaugh, an amateur astronomer, was hired to search for the planet. Taking photographs of the solar system every one or two weeks, he searched for anything that moved against the background of fixed stars. The method worked and Tombaugh, a year-old lab assistant from Kansas, pinpointed Planet X on February 18, Lowell had missed Planet X because he never thought it would be so small.

The photo shows Clyde Tombaugh, at age This extended square dance between Uranus and Pluto has produced a whopping seven exact squares, all falling within five degrees in a three-year period. The first exact square occurred in June and the last will fall next Monday, on March 16th. There was a "near miss" alignment in the summer of which coincided with the emergence of the Occupy Movement, but we began to see Uranus-Pluto upheaval "events" from the moment Pluto left Sagittarius to enter Capricorn in , the Global Financial Crisis happening in the fall of that year.

A businessman plays red rover with Occupy Wall Street protesters November The blending of Uranus and Pluto is probably the most transformational and potentially explosive of all the planetary combinations, all the more so when activated through one of the most intense, action-oriented of all aspects, the square. The last time these planets fell in this same challenging arrangement was in the s. At that time Uranus was in Aries, as it is now, and Pluto was squaring, not from Capricorn, but from the sign opposite, Moon-ruled Cancer.

Two seminal events of the s were America's Great Depression, and the rise of Nazi fascism in Germany. This s square also, interestingly, followed on the heels of Pluto's discovery in It wasn't the answer. It just gave us a glimpse of the possibility.

Over the past few years as these "exact square waves" have broken shore, we have definitely witnessed a crescendo in the "Uranus-Pluto noise" — bringing us new seminal events, ones that echoed historical themes of the s, and also a recapitulation and renaissance of the events and themes that played out in the s as well. The road we've been on and will contine to travel for a while longer has not been smooth, we are living in a time of turbulence, crisis, and conflict. Change, while difficult and often painful, is necessary for us to grow and develop. The old skin must be shed. But that's so easy to say isn't it?

And yet so hard to live, hard to live with such uncertainty. Whether we meet our Uranus-Pluto crises kicking and screaming, hanging on to the old life for dear life, or we bravely let go and allow those wild waves take us where they will, big change, regardless, is here. We have known for a long time that we must move toward becoming "one," toward becoming a global village.

The last direct hits are in and in the spring March April again in Eclipse season.

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Uranus also rules social groups, friendships and social media. New unique and unusual ideas, friendships will be formed with the revolution and exponential growth of social media which has opened up doors and expanded our horizons moving toward alliances that gather us globally in the spirit of the Age of Aquarius. Uranus the zeitgeist-no security or guarantees-flying from the seat of your pants. Pluto ruler of Scorpio also rules transformation, the underworld, dark hidden matters, fear, phobias, survival, power struggles, deep intimacy and penetration, insurance, investments, inheritance, taxes, corporate take overs, big business, bankruptcy, degeneration and regeneration and permanent change.

Pluto demands and forces deep root extraction, drilling out any decay.

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But Pluto pushes toward survival of the fittest mentality in stress which further aggravates violence, crime, competition and lessons cooperation. Suffice it to say, root canals of the worst kind could be brought to the surface both literal and metaphorical. Aries is about new beginnings, discovery, adventure, trailblazing, leadership, independence, war, weapons, fire, activism, anarchy and autocracy.

Here is the perfect recipe for extremism, uproar and turmoil. The unrest seeps into everything with breakthroughs toward new developments leaving behind stagnating structures. Uranus rules technology and in Aries we will see rapid advances and ideas put into execution with the action oriented principles of Aries, getting things started and moving forward. Pluto in Capricorn steers the invention ship off through structure and control all in good measure which creates a climate of innovation.

With Pluto ruling mutual funds, shared resources and investments and Uranus volatility, we can expect some major shake up and correction with the markets. Historically Uranus Pluto aspects have brought rapid and exponential development and invention in technology and science. Uranus demands change as one true guarantee where nothing remains the same. Viva la difference and originality where Uranus is anything but ordinary.


Global Uprisings and the Uranus-Pluto Effect

Change is disruptive but a necessary step in evolution-these are cleansing times ahead moving away from any outdated and worn out systems, practices and principles. Mars moving in to build a tsquare with Uranus Pluto is a time period for any reckless energy, accidents, impulsiveness, anger, antagonism and violence. I always quiver when Mars comes into contact with Pluto or Uranus and most with the early cardinal degrees in their chart may have felt the impact.

Anyone that has cardinal Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn points at 8 degrees to 15 born beginning of January, April, July and October may well feel this up close and personal. There is no denying the major changes to come with not only the weather with the recent tornadoes and floods but with the building momentum with the weather and current climate in everything from politics, relationships, families, careers, financial and government structures.

The unrest in the Middle East, the continuous rioting and terrorist attacks, protests and the recent bombing out of Norway are just some of the stirrings and fits of rage Pluto that will become more pronounced the next few years. We could be faced with the repercussions of what may come to haunt us due to the execution of Osama Bin Laden where an eruption stills seems to be brewing with threats from the backlash of Al-Qaeda.

This pressure mounted with the New Moon Solar Eclipse July 1 in Cancer with the last thread of the Saturn Pluto Uranus square which set the tone for what will transpire with the first full encounter of Uranus square Pluto in June Obama has played into the tone for the further development of the Middle East upheaval while leaving the future of their destiny in their own hands with our troops moving out.

As we felt a strong thrust and gust of the Uranus square Pluto wind in the last few years, we reached a critical marker of the cardinal tsquare of Saturn Pluto Uranus Jupiter. The transit of Jupiter square Pluto join Uranus in February showed the extreme purging and the rage bursting in the Middle East as Jupiter brings expansion and exposure as it touched on the Uranus Pluto square. Snowballing from Egypt to Bahrain to Syria and Libya and onward in a matter of weeks as we built closer to transit Jupiter square transit Pluto.