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The spike in global food prices in —08 not only led to riots on several continents; it also reawakened fears about the world's future ability to feed itself, as growing populations place greater demands on agricultural systems operating in increasingly difficult environmental and climatic conditions. With more than half the world's people and high levels of inequality, Asia lies at the centre of the global food-security challenge of the twenty-first century. As this Adelphi shows, there are no simple solutions.

Today, rice is exported while some households still go hungry, unrest grows as land is appropriated for biofuels or industry, and nations compete over waters and fishing rights. Only integrated policies that take into account the complex socio-economic and political aspects of food security have any chance of succeeding. Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search. Journal homepage. Pages Published online: 26 Feb Originally produced as an American motion picture in Based on the novel Badge of Evil by Whit Masterson.

This classic film noir is an elaborate mystery involving a corrupt police official in a squalid town on the Mexican border and a murder that ensnares a narcotics agent and his wife. The OSC uses their diverse crime-fighting skills to bring justice to society. Along with his stalwart partner D. Susan Taylor, Creegan squares off against some of England's most dangerous criminals--a serial murderer of children, a killer intent on murdering hospital patients and a cyber-criminal who lures young web-surfers with a gothic fantasy game and manipulates them into committing violent crimes.

Series 1: Disc 1. Lost boys. To death and back -- Disc 2. What Amathus wants. Series 2: Disc 1. Pupil of murder. Caregiver -- Disc 2. What price a child. Series 3: Disc 1. Those left behind. Ecstacy of life.

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First released as a motion picture in Based on the novel Le Prozess , by Franz Kafka. A symbolistic study of the tyranny of modern social systems. Portrays the experiences of a young man who is mysteriously arrested by agents of the police for an unspecific crime and is prepared for questioning and trial.

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An aging lawyer finally gets his big chance when he is retained to defend a man accused of murdering his wife. He's guilty of murder.

But something goes wrong in the jury room. Eleven jurors vote guilty. One woman, her life and family threatened by the mob, votes to let the killer walk. To set things right, that woman will have to fight back with a vengeance. Goetz shot four black teenagers in a New York City subway because he thought they were about to rob him.

This restaging of his trial includes the videotape of Goetz's New Hampshire confession. Written by Wesley Strick; produced by Walter F. A once acclaimed civil rights attorney of the 60's, now an embittered cynic who makes a living defending drug-dealing low-lifes, has his passion for justice rekindled by an idealistic young associate.

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Two young men who are best friends through law school move on to Washington. The first, a lower-class go-getter, becomes a congressman by betraying everyone who ever trusted him. His one-time buddy, although one of those used by him, would never cross a friend- unless it was to avenge his own betrayal. Video release of the motion picture. DVD accompanied by CD containing classic music of the decade. Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, Ed Begley, E. Classic courtroom drama about a teenage boy accused of killing his father and the jury that must decide his fate. When twenty-nine dead bodies are found floating in Long Beach Harbor, a U.

Customs agent investigates. Based on a true story and on the book by Richard Gambino.

The Summer of Our Discontent: A Project Syndicate Special Supplement

Originally released as a TV movie in Seeking to wrest control of the docks, cotton dealer James Houston and a ruthless cabal of businessmen orchestrate the murder of one of their own. Nineteen men are arrested for the murder, with some of their lives in the hands of an angry mob, marching towards the prison gates, enraged, embittered and armed.

An alcoholic lawyer stumbles upon one last chance to redeem himself by taking on a controversial court case that no one is supposed to win. Though struck blind in middle age, Clifford Mortimer insists that life continue as if nothing has changed.

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This successful lawyer and absolute eccentric wages verbal battles in the courtroom, tends his spectacular garden, and sees the world through the eyes of his family. Based on the novel by Warren Adler. Written and directed by Sandor Stern; music by J. Redford; director of photography, Chuck Arnold. Defense Attorney Lauren Hale has rekindled an old flame with the D. To Lauren, the romance is strictly a matter of the heart. But it could become a matter of life or death.

Producers, Rodney Liber, Steven A. A thriller about two high school students, the guidance counselor they accuse of rape, and the detective who knows there's more to the story. Based on the play by Terence Rattigan. The story follows the lives of the Winslows, a banker's family living in turn-of-the-century London, as they fight to prove the innocence of their youngest son accused of theft.

In pre-World War I England, a thirteen-year-old naval cadet is wrongly expelled from school for stealing a postal order, and his father takes the case all the way to Parliament. Based on a true story. Screenplay by Earl W. Wallace; produced by Edward S. When a young Amish woman and her son get caught up in the murder of an undercover narcotics agent, their savior turns out to be hardened Philadelphia detective John Book, who runs head-on into the non-violent world of a Pennsylvania Amish community. Producers, Dick Powell and Don W. Wearing the judge's patience thin with his continued delays, lawyer Mike Donnegan's search for the key witness ends when she seeks him out and gives a surprising testimony.

From the story and stage play by Agatha Christie. A gruff British lawyer returns from a long convalescence to take on a homicide case--a man accused of murdering his wealthy woman friend in order to secure his inheritance. The defendant's mysterious wife stuns the courtroom by giving damaging testimony against her husband.

A fictionalized account of Abraham Lincoln's early years as a lawyer in Springfield, Ill. Based on the novel The Philadelphian by Richard Powell. Anthony Lawrence is an up-and-coming lawyer, whose career is interrupted by the Korean War. On the eve of his decision to run for political office, he finds himself about to defend a down-and-out friend in a murder case that threatens to expose the Main Line's darkest secrets.

Originally issued as a motion picture in Based on the original play by Luis Valdez. Based on the actual case and zoot suit riots of 's Los Angeles. Shows racism in America and talks about the economic and social conditions of blacks in America. Produced and directed by Mimi Pickering; cinematography, Robert Gates, et al. Focuses on the Pittston Coal Company, and the disaster which occurred in when a coal waste dam burst, leaving dead and 4, homeless.

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Discusses the disaster through interviews with survivors, union leaders, citizens, and company officials. Frontline tracks down five exonerated men to learn how they have fared following their highly publicized releases. Ofra Bikel examines the social, psychological, and economic challenges these men now face, the vast majority of them without any financial or transitional assistance from the states that imprisoned them. Norwood Wilner was the principal attorney for the plaintiff; Tom Bezanson was principal attorney for the defendant.

The trial concerns the history of cigarette advertising and the efforts of anti-smoking groups and the industry to pinpoint responsibility for an individual's addiction to cigarettes. Abridged edition, compiled by Gerald Thain. A panel discussion by British and American judges and lawyers on the future of common law.

Dramatizations of important decisions of the U. Marbury v. Madison 2. McCulloch v.