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Why handwriting remains important in the digital age.

The meeting went great, the team made a lot of important decisions, and there were lots of next steps I had noted diligently in my notebook. Then after 12 hours of hard work, I got in the car to drive home only to forget that I had left my notebook on top of the car with the banana I was so excited to eat. I looked in my rear view mirror in a panic as the notebook flew off the car on a crowded major highway. Feeling like I was in a bad TV commercial, I pulled over immediately and tried to remember the notes I had taken.

To my surprise, I remembered almost everything. To be honest, I don't have a photographic memory, and these days my memory isn't as good as it used to be now that I have multiple children under three wreaking havoc with my sleep schedule.

It turns out that my ability to remember all of that information might have simply been because I took the notes with a pen and paper instead of using my laptop. Sound crazy? Recent research studies have found that my situation isn't unique. Here's the research and why it might change your thinking around some modern technology at work. The research was conducted with college students. Some were allowed to take notes during a lecture on a laptop and others had to go old school and write with a pen. Same ink type but with a cap which has a tendency to get loose and misplaced easily.

They are triangle shaped, which makes for a surprisingly good grip and a smooth writing feeling. Pilot produce some of the best pens for planners, and the G2 are not only retractable but also refillable making them a long lasting and very effective choice for planner pens. They have the classic rubber grip from Pilot, which makes precision writing a breeze and makes them very comfortable.

They only have 15 colors, which is ok for color coding a planner but may not be enough if you want to decorate your planner or bullet journal. They however have 6 metallics that can be used on top of the regular ones or markers to create really cool lettering effects. Not the cheapest, but they will keep writing until the bitter end and they last longer than cheaper gel ink pens I have purchased. Yes, you can remove your mistakes, typos or move appointments around like it was a pen, using an eraser. The ink the Thermo-sensitive, so it disappears with friction. They are also great for students and anybody who hates using white-out in their planners or journals.

They also have highlighters and a non-retractable variety with more colors. The writing is really smoth, and the flow of ink is very good until the last drops which makes them long-lasting and reliable. What are the best pens for planners , in your opinion? Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 0.

Sale Triplus Fineliner Nature Colours. Sale Bestseller No. Bestseller No. Read More. You may also like. Previous article Bullet Journal Essential Layouts. Although, I have to say when writing poetry, oddly enough I write on paper more. I think its because I am in the privacy of my bedroom as opposed to sitting in the living room or in an area with a lot of people. Haha thanks to you as well Rache! As for ink, We use blue gel pens in school, so I use black for my writing my favourite colour!

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Well i have another problem. No problemmo Nig! Instead of rewriting it, you can buy a speech recognition software like my dad did!

Trust me, I tried using, and I ended up having to scream at the computer only find that the computer thought that my speech was uncomprehensible…grr… Or you can even do what I do — type stuff out in between projects. I do this in school whenever we have a class in the Computer Lab, and it always works!

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Hey thanx for your tips. I also thought of another idea — what about using a Notebook?

Galaxy of Pen & Paper OST

Does anyone have the same problem as me? Any suggestions? I dabble in both computer and paper. Over the years I have a need for both. For pen and paper I reserve concise creative writing poems, short stories, songs. It is difficult to utilize full creativity when writing on computer. For research papers and longer stories I find it much easier to write everything out all at once and allow computer programs to help me edit.

I use the computer for all writing, from my fiction to school papers. It only shows up when I rush, but when I get an idea my mind goes at a thousand words a minute. Typing is a lot faster but at times I wished I could write by hand…. I used to write a lot with pen and ink until I developed shaky hands. I find it much easier to write on a computer. I find it makes me more creative actually, my writing style is greatly improved when typing since it allows me to get more thoughts out quicker than on paper.

By Ali Hale. Stop making those embarrassing mistakes! Subscribe to Daily Writing Tips today! You will improve your English in only 5 minutes per day, guaranteed! You'll also get three bonus ebooks completely free! Try It Free Now. Zeke Rook on October 01, pm Though I am extremely computer savvy and can type over 70 words a minute, I still write fiction by hand. Angel Cuala on October 01, pm Ever since I started blogging which is last year, I never used pen and paper simply because my hand sweats when I write.

Meghna on October 01, pm Though I carry around a special diary for my writing, I only write ideas and titbits on that. Being a perfectionist in nature, I find it easier to write free-hand before typing any drafts, as those silly squiggly lines MS Word prompts every time you type a word wrong or sentence fragment, distracts from the creative flow…so I let the story take place on paper, and the editorial side of me, well he works better with a computer and spell-checker… Great post! I also prefer fountain pen and paper for writing letters. A bit more personal.

L on October 02, am I think it really depends on how fast you can type and your style of writing. I use the computer for everything else. Jacob on October 02, am Typing, exclusively. Maybe a bigger screencould help… ash on October 02, am i typically write on the computer…certainly for convenience and when writing a piece i do so… but i am very fond of my journal -for that, there is nothing like a notebook and pen.

MidnightMarauder on October 02, am I totally agree with Kirsty!


Willis on October 02, pm For a long while now, I have done a mix of both. Thanks for the good post!

Want to be more productive? Don’t go paperless.

Ted on October 03, am What if you type on the computer, print your first draft out, and edit it by pen? Nobody can read my handwriting, including me. LOL When I bought my laptop last year, I thought all my years of blogging had prepared me to actually write at the computer. Mari Adkins on October 03, pm By the way, I disagree about being able to delete on paper.

Mari Adkins on October 03, pm as those silly squiggly lines MS Word prompts every time you type a word wrong or sentence fragment, distracts from the creative flow Bobby made a good point. Bobby Ozuna on October 03, pm Thanks Mari!!!! Any time. You and me both. Bobby Ozuna on October 03, pm Thanks again!!! Bobby I wish I had your proofreading team! Bobby Ozuna on October 03, pm Ali: I found my proof-reading team the same way you have found us… by talking to people and asking my friends… My proof-reading staff is nothing more than 5 VERY close and personal friends—people who believe in me as much or more than they believe in my writing.

Racheblue on October 29, pm This is fascinating! What colour ink do you use mostly? MidnightMarauder on November 06, am Haha thanks to you as well Rache! Nemo on August 03, am I use the computer for all writing, from my fiction to school papers. Also, we sometimes… or Also, sometimes we….