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Fate versus Free Will

Logan is a U. Marine serving in Iraq who finds a picture of a woman on the ground just before a mortar attack destroys the place he'd just been sitting, killing most of his comrades. Logan keeps the picture, believing it's a lucky charm and later decides to track down the girl.

Logan finds her — her name's Beth. But Logan can't work up the nerve to tell her why he suddenly walked into her life.

Why no-one wanted to play Noah in The Notebook | The Independent

She assumes he's interested in a job offer and he just plays along, setting into motion the circumstances that lead them to fall in love this is a Nicholas Sparks flick, after all. As an audience, we already know his secret is A.

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And that's this movie's biggest flaw — you're sitting there the whole time wondering why Logan wouldn't just tell the truth from the beginning Still, you won't be able to ignore the insane levels of steamy chemistry Logan has with Beth, played by Taylor Schilling. There's an actual steamy shower scene that pretty much captures this fact. And as far as endings go, this one definitely has a twist, but it doesn't come out of left field like some of Sparks' other films see 8.

Barring the creepy-secret storyline, this movie is a solid pick for your next cry fest. Channing Tatum's John jumps into the water to retrieve a stranger's purse and she turns out to be Savannah played by Amanda Seyfried — the love of his life. Of course, no love story is simple in Sparks' hands.

Hi! School - Love On - 하이스쿨 - 러브온 Ep.1: Destiny? Irresistible trouble! [2014.07.29]

Even though John and Savannah fall swiftly in love, John is in the army, and after the September 11 attacks, he feels compelled to re-enlist. The couple are pulled apart by war, but they try to keep their love alive through letters. What Dear John does a little better than the rest of the bunch is portray a refreshingly realistic version of young love. When Allie and Noah reunited she found out that Noah had written to her when she left. I wrote you everyday for a year. Allies mum chose money over love. By defying the will of their families both couples had set in sequence a set of events that would either end good or badly for the young couples.

The Notebook

After killing Tybalt, Romeo was banished from Verona. Because the couple were not destined to live happily he just missed the letter explaining that Juliet had faked her death. From the moment they met at the party and tried to create their own destiny their fate had been sealed. There was no way that the two could be together but instead of accepting the fact that it would never work they defied their destiny and created a new fate for themselves but it went badly.

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When Juliet woke in the church she found Romeo dead next to her. She knew that they only way they could be together for eternity now, was to take her own life. After getting back together Allie and Noah lived happily together for the best part of the rest of their lives.

Destiny Record

They got married and had children and Grandchildren. Defying their fate gave Allie and Noah a long and happy life together. Allie got dementia but unlike in Romeo and Juliet Allies fate had nothing to do with them defying destiny. They bothmoved into a nursing home, Noah told her his name was Duke and read their love story to her everyday hoping that one day she would remember him. After Allie had a turn for the worst Noah was forbidden to see her in case it caused her to get worse.

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The night they both died Noah snuck into Allies room and she knew him. They lied in her bed and talked. Noah: I think our love can do anything we want it to.

Why no-one wanted to play Noah in The Notebook | The Independent

Both Romeo and Juliet and Noah and Allie defied fate and tried to create their own destiny. The main reason that both couples had such difficulties being together was their families. But despite their families disapproval they fought for their love.