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The timing of this emergence is no accident as it coincides when the environment is richest from summer rains allowing plants to develop new foliage, which in turns provides food for insects whose number increase dramatically. These conditions are ideal for hatchling as it provides them with an abundance of food and cover.

Importantly, hatchling Komodo dragon 40 cm long and weight grams are extremely brightly colored with yellow and orange stripes and dots, that likely serve as camouflage, helping hatchlings hide from predators or to hunt prey.

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A key difference in the ecology of hatchling Komodo dragons is that they spend almost all their time for the next year or so living in the canopy of trees. This is a sensible strategy as it means that they do not need to be on the ground where they would make easy prey for larger dragons. Also living in tree means hatchlings have a wealth of the right sized food including insects, geckos and other small lizards. During this stage, baby Komodo dragons only rarely come onto the ground, and if they do so then they typically move to a nearby tree.

So for the first few months of life, Komodo dragons maybe found reasonably close to the nest they hatched from. After one year old, Komodo dragons begin shifting their diet to include chicken eggs, snakes, small lizards, and small mammals on the ground, though they still climb tree to avoid predators. Immature stage - Life in the trees does not last for too long, as after about a year and certainly by the age of about 2 years, young Komodo dragons have become much more focused on living on the ground.

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  5. This transition from trees to the land reflects that Komodo dragons are rapidly growing and their dietary requirements are changing and increasing. The diet of Komodo dragons is very related to their body size as they get larger they will eat larger prey items.

    In fact, immature Komodo dragons spend much of their actively searching for food and will often walks several kilometers to find food. Like many reptiles, immature Komodo dragons are not particularly social and rarely interact with one another even though they may overlap considerably in their use of space. It is during this immature stage that Komodo dragons will do much of their growing and over the space of years they will increase their body mass up to about 15 kg, with males putting more energy into growth than females. Adult stage: For wild Komodo dragons, we think that female reach adulthood i.

    After reaching 20kg, komodo starts to live primarily on the ground, and will begin to utilize a "wait and ambush" strategy to hunt prey.

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    Adults use this strategy to capture deer, boars, horses, water buffaloes, and other Komodo dragons. As it is at this size at which we have first observed female Komodo dragons attempting to nest. For males, it is more difficult to tell when they reach adulthood as there really are no external signs to indicate this.

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    However, like many other large reptiles e. The large body size of male Komodo dragons is likely to be very important for determining their access to females for breeding.

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    So unlike the growth of adult females that slows dramatically, indicating they invest much of their energy into reproduction, males continue to grow for several more decades. A large healthy male Komodo dragon can weight in excess of 70kg and reach over 3 meters in length. So adult males are considerably larger than females. The large body size of adult Komodo dragons means that the active searching for prey that they used when they were smaller is no longer very efficient as they would need to move large distances to find enough small prey to meet their energy requirements.

    Instead, with the added advantage of much heavier body mass and strength, adult Komodo dragons target very large prey including deer, pigs and at a few localities kill water buffalo.


    The large difference in body size between males and females is important because it signals not only different strategies, aimed at maximizing reproductive opportunities for each sex but also indicate that the males and females have differences in their life expectancies. I will never edit the Author's Note as it his own. Prologue: Hellish Future.

    Said stallion set trotted inside said portal with mare in tow. The land of ponies. Well, that was it.

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    I am slowly catching up with my boss above this text. Hellish Future 2. Meeting the Queen 3. Uneasy Offer 4. Cooking with Cream 5. Blast from the Past 6.

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    Haunting Past 7. Beauty from the East 8. Date Day 9. Revealing Pictures Wanted Spike Hunting Spike Into Hiding Lighting the Past Lost Tribe Secret Mistress Rarity's Pet's Digging for Knowledge Master Spike Mending Past Friendships Revealing the Past Part 1: True Heir Revealing the Past Part 2:Queens Gambit Hunter's Game Hunter's Fall Failed Plans Priceless Emerald Blood Rage Impossible Choice Heroes Journey The Dragon Festival Love Offering Night Raid Inner Plans Road to Ruin Wicked Dawn Day of Reckoning Dawn of Hope Fight for the Crown Fall of a Blood