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Snowy Owl calls are varied, but the alarm call is a barking, almost quacking krek-krek; the female also has a softer mewling pyee-pyee or prlek-prlek. The song is a deep repeated gawh.

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They may also clap their beak in response to threats or annoyances. While called clapping, it is believed this sound may actually be a clicking of the tongue on the roof of the beak, not the beak itself. Out of the 9 I took, unsurprisingly 7 were hopelessly blurry; this is not without its faults but still striking enough.

It was a very difficult shot to process because the whites wouldn't stay white without losing any hint of detail I muddled through.

The level of compliance with the maintaining eye contact instruction did not differ between liars and truth tellers. This finding is worth mentioning.

Investigators often treat a failure to comply with an instruction with suspicion Vrij, Vrij, A. However, this experiment showed that a failure to follow the instruction to keep eye contact cannot be seen as a sign of deceit. Skip to Main Content.

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