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Mettre l'économie au service de l'émancipation de l'Homme
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Through the work of Claire Castillon, which draws from models created by women writers of previous generations, we can observe how women writers undertake critical reflection on the role od women in society, but also the general state of society in which they operate. Similarly, we see which social issus are most essential to their views. To follow the evolution of women's writing and understand its current position, it is important to analyze the reasons why women have seized the pen, especially since the French Revolution, when the social issues have taken a particular importance in the public discourse, also in the literary field.

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  • Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Activities include the study, analysis and emulation of model texts as well as discussion and debates about events and social issues as covered by the French news media television, print, internet sources.

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    The oral work will include video blogs and group presentations on selected topics and current events. Written practice will comprise reflective journals, essays and collaborative work on Web projects. On completing this course, student will feel more confident and be able to speak and write effectively on a range of contemporary issues.

    Prerequisite s : Two advanced courses beyond French taken at Penn or equivalent. Required for majors in French.

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    This civilization course presents the creation of modern France from to through the omnipresence of the myth of Perseus and Medusa in the historical narrative. It also helps them discover the intricacies of the slow construction of modern France. In this course, students are led to reflect on the contemporary French culture and society that are the result and the remnants of the Revolution, and to make connections with the American history.

    Where and how is French spoken in the world? What does it mean to have an accent or to experience linguistic insecurity?

    Que signifie s'intégrer à la société française ?

    To what extent have political forces and movements historically affected the evolution of French? How do language attitudes differ among French- and English-speaking regions of the world and what is the status of French in an era of globalization? In what ways does language shape our identities?

    We will explore how societal changes influence the manner and the contexts in which the French language is spoken. Readings and class discussions will be conducted in French.

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    • French proposes an overview of French literature from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. Over the course of the semester, we will focus in particular on how conceptions of gender, race, class, and national identity are represented and interrogated in French literature across the centuries.

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      Students will familiarize themselves with key authors and movements of the French literary tradition, acquiring the critical tools and vocabulary to analyze, discuss, and write about works of literature. Through in-class discussion and a variety of written assignments, students will learn different ways of approaching and interpreting a text so that its multiple meanings can be explored, as well as continue to develop and perfect their oral and written expression in French.

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      The course will be conducted entirely in French. French is designed to give students a basic historical and theoretical groundwork in Francophone and postcolonial studies, and to help them develop their skills in literary and filmic analysis. It will provide an introductory survey of the richly diverse literature and film of the French-speaking world, from the s through to the 21st century.

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      Beginning with the gradual breakup of the French colonial empire, we will investigate the construction of individual and collective Francophone identities in such regions as the Caribbean, Africa, and the Maghreb, while exploring an equally wide range of literary and cinematic genres. Other histories and regions such as Quebec and Lebanon will also be discussed.

      Throughout the course we will remain especially attentive to questions of space — public and private spheres, urban and rural topographies, borders and migrations, as well as the complex dynamics between the Francophone regions and France itself — and to the ways in which these tensions are mapped onto the textual and visual surfaces of the works studied. This course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of translation and is designed to help foster a critical understanding of differences between French and English syntactical and lexical patterns. It will introduce students to theoretical concepts and problems of translation, with the ultimate goal being to improve their ability to communicate in more authentic-sounding French.

      Students will have the opportunity to practice translation individually and to work with their peers on a variety of projects advertising, journalistic and literary texts, movie and broadcast news subtitling and to engage in critique and discussion of others' translations.

      This course will help students refine their language skills and navigate more proficiently between these cultures and language systems.