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Based upon the principle of containing the floating pollution on the water surface, they are used as fixed protections, as well as towed by vessels in order to enhance the recovery of the oil at sea. Beyond the necessity, induced by this aspect, of a rigorous management and use of these stockpiles, the need for a better understanding of such phenomena led scientists to study theoretically the flow around these booms, from the seventies on.

Based upon these works, as well as on the practical experience gained on the subject by CEDRE and CETMEF for more than thirty years, the present publication introduces the issue of floating booms, by presenting the diverse phenomena detrimental to booms efficiency, more particularly as far as hydrodynamic aspects are concerned. Data correspond to usage on the plateform after The current usage metrics is available hours after online publication and is updated daily on week days.

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La problématique du foncier rural au Cameroun

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With extremely advanced desertification, the country is particularly With extremely advanced desertification, the country is particularly vulnerable to the impact of climate change and other external shocks. The main sources of income in Mauritania are agriculture, which is either irrigated or rain-fed, and livestock. This is especially the case in the Senegal River Valley, where people make their living farming, raising livestock, and fishing, while mining is prevalent in the north. This report established a far-reaching and more inclusive national land policy that strengthens the security of land tenure for vulnerable groups, including women. This framework was the first to propose a national platform for all stakeholders, including women, to openly discuss and reach consensus around land issues.

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