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Raised in Georgia by immigrants of Vietnamese and Jewish descent, Joe was destined to become a stand-up comedian. His unique perspective and likable stage presence have made him a favorite at clubs, colleges, niche shows and private events throughout the country.

The problem with post-race comedy

Feathers in Sunnyvale. Samson Koletkar was born in Mumbai and raised Jewish. Comedians have their own rules about when and where a punchline can be repeated, especially when it comes to late-night TV. Enter social media: a great way for comedians to gain a large following, and also for the distribution of stolen material, and the airing of grievances over that theft. The effect of the joke is lost.

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But even estimating the value of a public good has given economists headaches for years. Not everyone puts equal value on having a nice view, or being able to see the ballet, or hearing a well-crafted punchline.

Netflix drops Aussie comic over gas chamber joke | The Times of Israel

Jokes, like goods, can also suffer from market saturation. Even though most standup comics aspire to make a living from comedy, their primary chase is for laughs and fans, not cash.

Wisse provides a rich assortment of mordant wit at the threshold of extinction. I applaud the intellectual courage of this book, the breadth of Wisse's learning, the comprehensiveness of her ambitions, her unembarrassed declarations of pleasure in what she finds funny and if we don't, that's tough on us , her unapologetic references to such serious students of comedy as Freud, whose writing on jokes it is easy to deride, and the confidence with which she moves from rabbis to writers to jesters, from literature to music hall and back.

Comedy is comedy is comedy.

Wisse broadly traces modern Jewish humour around the world, teasing out its implications as she explores memorable and telling examples from German, Yiddish, English, Russian and Hebrew. Waxman, Jewish Book Council.

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To her credit, Ms. Wisse offers no general theory of Jewish humour in her book, preferring description and textual analysis, at which she excels, to psycho-historical puffery. Wisse calls humor the only folk art that isn't copyrighted. The author keeps it personal—sometimes moving comfortably into a relaxed and chatty tone—and she keeps it real. David, New York Journal of Books.

Professional Jokers: Jewish Jesters from the Golden Age of American Comedy

Segal, Times Higher Education. This is a wise, well-written, and unique analysis of why Jews laugh. Enjoy, enjoy: what's not to like!

Middleburgh, Middleburgh Blog. And is 'leave 'em laughing' the wisest motto for a people that others have intended to sweep off the stage of history?