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Psychology of Web Design. Getting the Hang of Web Typography. UX Design Process. User Experience Design.

Professional Web Design. C For Dummies. Chuck Sphar. Core Java Programming. Jitendra Patel. Agus Kurniawan. Peter MacIntyre. Instant Node. Pedro Teixeira. Web Scraping with Python. Ryan Mitchell. Equity Press. Guide to: Learning Iteration and Generators in Python. Guide to: Learning Python Decorators. WordPress 3 Plugin Development Essentials. Brian Bondari. Programming with Swift4. Python Testing Cookbook. Greg L. Beginning Swift Programming. Wei-Ming Lee. SQL Server for Node. JavaScript: The Good Parts.

Douglas Crockford. Jason Matthews. JSF 2.

Practical JavaScript Techniques - eBook

Anghel Leonard. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide. David Flanagan. Chuck Musciano. Learning Python Design Patterns. Gennadiy Zlobin. Mobile Design and Development. Brian Fling. Python Programming. Stephen Chin. Instant Zend Framework 2. A N M Mahabubul Hasan.

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Entity Framework 4. Devlin Liles. Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation 4. Andrew Zhu.

Smashing HTML5 (Smashing Magazine Book Series)

How and when to use animations. How to design for user behavior. How applying delight transforms user experiences. Where delight does and does not fit in web design. How to use delight to the max and not hurt usability. Interaction Design Unlocked Vol. The importance of copywriting and different forms of it. Learn about micro-interactions and how to use them. How to connect emotionally and design with mental triggers.

Javascript Essentials (Revised)

The past, present, and future of animations in web UI design. How to communicate clearly and simplify user flows. How to design persuasive paths for your users. How to delight your users in context and write copy that works. Lots of visual examples on everything from layout to typography to performance. Walkthrough of almost every facet of mobile development — perfect for planning stages. Introductory guide with good hyperlink reference leads. Everything from using gestures, animations, buttons, navigations, grids, cards, you name it.

Over a pages of illustrated examples of problems and solutions. Flat 2. The future of mobile card design and how they relate to user behavior patterns. A bonus: 10 must-have metro apps for Windows Phone. A case study on mobile unmoderated remote research. Defining usability goals and metrics. How to choose tests and participants.

JavaScript Anthology, The: Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks - SitePoint Premium

Value of various scripted tests. Learn how to plan for recruiting, screen and schedule participants, and run the test sessions. Sample scripts and forms to use in your own projects. How to explain the remote process to your participants. How to deal with disturbances and pay attention to non-visual clues. Free template to measure your overall brand impression and usability. Bonus: Mobile testing checklist. Solutions for giving your customers a great experience.

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Create your tasks, write great questions, and test out your test. The value behind unmoderated remote usability testing. When to use unmoderated remote usability testing for your research. Best practices for maintaining positive relationships with your clients and delivering a better product with less wasted time.

How to leverage user testing to deliver value to your clients. How to use found insights to make user testing and design decisions.

Much more than documents.

How to gather and maximize use of collected qualitative and quantitative data. Hot to incorporate user testing with your prototype cycle. A short list of their favorite prototyping tools including InVision, Axure, Balsamiq and others. Practical tips and measurable metrics for testing in Agile.

A case study on how Autodesk Inc. How to get the right support. How to choose the right methods, and document your results to prove ROI. All the components that make a style guide, like layout, typography, colors, branding, media treatment, iconography, naming conventions and more. How to do mood boards, style tiles, brand style guides, and front-end style guides.

How to improve your products by implementing a user-centered design process. Very practical and readable book that helps you find different ways of including people with disabilities in your design process. Building Accessible Websites by Joe Clark. Written with great clarity and elegance, it presents a powerful case for accessibility that is a pleasure to read. UX storyboards, flowcharts, wireframes, interaction design, rapid prototyping, collaborative usability testing, and more. Examples of efficient design documentation.

How to include developers in different stages of design: planning features, wireframing, prototyping, mockups, and usability testing.