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Challenge accepted. A commenter over there linked to an absolutely fascinating article on the word "Redneck. I think that's pretty inarguable.

Moon pies putting people in there place

But he actually goes further and parrellels many of the argumunets that people make about nigger. The Essence:. I am growing weary of people like Jeff Foxworthy making millions of dollars with their "You may be a redneck if If what? You may be a redneck if you eat fried squirrel and Moonpies for breakfast, for example.

Well I ate fried squirrel for breakfast of necessity, sir, but Moon pies were a delicacy for the more affluent. We didn't have the nickel the Moon pie cost in.

You may be a redneck if you mix Jack Daniels with butterscotch malted milks. For the Chinese pastry, see Mooncake. Food portal.

Redneck Rampage Collection on

Retrieved January 26, Retrieved December 27, Snack cakes. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Step Three: Collect up all the documentation your family possesses relating to property, evictions, repossessions, bank accounts, Confederate money or an other pertinent records between and Make copies and be prepared to submit them as soon as we have located an attorney who will work on contingency.

Bluenecks: Revenge of the Rednecks

Check our web site often. Step Four: Buy a set of Dr. Bukk Fake Teef to wear when the trial begins. The so-called "white trash" culture is steeped in fierce independence and defiance of authority. Although they see nothing wrong in living a double life, i.

Moon pies putting people in there place

They universally disparage anybody who relies on organizations to further their cause. White trash don't organize.

It is hard to fathom how these people can be so ignorant in today's world. They hardly even realize that they stand out as the most poorly educated, disease-ridden minority in America. They are easy to spot in a crowd: just look for rotten teeth, recessed chins and ringworm. Usually, adult women are extremely fat and like to wear colorful sweat suits, while children are delinquent little runts with dirty faces. Adult males are skinny with sewn-on names on their greasy shirts. Because of this inability to make the correct choices in their lives, I am challenging RedneckReparations.

There is no doubt in my mind that my organization should handle all proceeds from any reparations awards. We will allocated the funds far more wisely for the betterment of our brethren.

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Once my organization is fully vested, I will call on the captains of industry to do their part for the advancement of our peoples. Sign in. The world is turned upside down when a good old boy gives another redneck a Moon Pie down at the trailer park. A humorous fable for grown ups by David Davis writing as Tom Twain.

The Academy : Alignment. David Davis.

Redneck Rampage Collection

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