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That said the sq is a very close second. At least, I would, and without thinking twice. But without that choice, having seen the reviews of this machine, I would consider the Maytag , but no other Whirlpool-group washer, certainly never one of the Korean brands, never again a GE, and the rest are just an unknown but discouraging quantity. The MT appears to be the real deal, as this post shows. Having looked a bit more at the review of the , though, perhaps I should have given it a second look before buying the SQ. Then again, when I got home I had to run a couple of loads at the coin laundry, and ran them in Speed Queens I know to be at least thirty-five years old.

I talked to the owner of the coin laundry, showed him the side-by-side comparison of the TR and the TC, and he said the TC looks like a great machine, and admonished me not to overload it, that that is the only problem he has with his top-loaders.

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Anyhow, good luck with your choice; I hope that whichever you buy, you get many years of satisfactory performance out of it. Pallas, I cannot thank you enough for your videos and blogs. Keep up the good work! David Seger.

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The Maytag agitator looks like it is a better design. And why are both machines agitators moving so slow? Do you have a video showing how well this Maytag cleans a ketchup stained towel like your SQ video? I was ready to purchase a SQ until I saw your reviews and now questioning what to buy. My LG lasted five years and a GE fro five years before that. Thank you! I like the washer and dryer so far, and have followed your advice on getting this set of appliances. One thing you mentioned in the video is about adding an in line surge protector for the unit.


That intrigued me. We just got this washer today, already did 3 loads and it worked beautifully. Very quick and does a great job. Clothes smell fresh and the spin dry works well. I will add the matching dryer when my current one dies. Good job by Maytag. Based on the reviews of the I will probably order one, but would like to know if you have any experience with the since I would consider it if it is comparable since it is cheaper and larger. Thanks for your help.

Thank You!!!!!!! I am glad I found your websight! I never new how anyone could wash clothes in four inches of water in some of the new machines. Imagine trying to tell your grandmother to was a full load of laundry in four inches of water!!!!! She would probably tell you to take some medicine and lay down! If you are in the Clevelans, OH area I would happily sell you one. Otherwise look for your nearest authorized Maytag dealer. Do these washing machines have a sanitize cycle? And at what temperatures does this machine run at?

Do you recommend the matching dryer? If not, is there another model that you would recommend? Thank you. The first time we tried it, the rinse water would go in and right back out the drain endlessly. It never filled and never rinsed.

A Maytag repair man came and said it might need a new control panel. He came back but did not want to install it.


Whirlpool dryer not heating

We tried to wash a load again today. Now it does a Normal cycle from start to finish but the rinse cycle only took 4 minutes from start to finish we timed it. As the lid was locked for entire rinse cycle, we do not know if water is even going into the rinse. Have you heard of problems similar to this? Thanks, Eugene!

The agitation time during rinse is quick, I have not timed it but 4 minutes sounds right.

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As far as it filling and draining, is the discharge pump running? Is the drain hose elevated higher than the top of the washer? Hi Eugene, Yes the discharge pump is running and the drain hose is elevated. Seems the machine does not fill on rinse in normal cycle. I have to do the double rinse to rinse the clothes. One thing to mention is that Maytag kept sending us a residential machine repair person. Something to consider when buying this model. My deepest gratitude for your hours of research and leadership in the pursuit of cleanliness.

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We are a stinky family of 7 who are in need of a new, large washer. Any information will be extremely appreciated. Thank you for your time. That said, the larger capacity lg washers with the turbo wash feature seem to do a very decent job overall. Did you ever test a machine like this?

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  • I appreciate the time and effort you have put into these washer machine reviews. I can get through a mountain of laundry in no time. Clothes come out smelling fresh and clean! This washer also features commercial grade parts and simple controls and a design that makes it easy to repair or have repaired locally.

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    However, with its 5-years parts AND labor warranty, I will not have to worry about that any time soon. Suggestions for improvement include mechanical controls instead of ones that rely on a control board and to add a water-level selector switch full and half tub work OK for us but may not for some. The Maytag mvwpgw is simply the best washer on the market today. I plan to buy the matching dryer soon.

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    • I firstly want to express my sincere gratitude for all of the time you have invested testing, reviewing and answering questions regarding this topic! Your efforts are incredibly helpful in my research process! I am at the point in our post Hurricane Harvey rebuild where I need to finalize my decision regarding washers and dryers. I have a couple of questions I would greatly appreciate your input on!