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It was the highlight of the whole conference for me and everyone I talked to—and it changed how we engaged with each other through the whole meeting. Mary Semoit, American Counseling Association. Working with Patti has been one of the most beneficial and rewarding experiences in my career. Once bedridden, Felix is now in school, playing the drums in the school band, taking fencing and horseback riding lessons, and playing on the school soccer team, with a bright future ahead of him. How did this happen? This session will outline the journey into radical acceptance that made all this possible, and how to embark on that journey yourself.

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“Our body is … a vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” ~ Buddha

Management Consultant. Human Resources Expert. Professional Speaker.

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Instructional Design. Online Learning Experiences. Organizational Narrative and Storytelling. Her second book was The Global Diversity Desk Reference Wiley, , and her most recent books include: Life is a Verb: 37 days to wake up, be mindful, and live intentionally, based on her award-winning blog 37days. Work with Patti. Keynotes - Where She Shines. Sneak Preview. Another one from the vault.

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Four-Word Self-Help: Simple Wisdom For Complex Lives

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Novel News: "Four Word Self Help: simple wisdom for complex lives" by Patti Digh

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