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And there was no negotiation. Although stressing inward beauty over outward should be the priority, complimenting your daughter on a specific physical characteristic such as her eyes, hair, or even a specific modest outfit can really boost her self-esteem and self-image during an insecure time. As an adult woman, it can be easier to bend the modesty rules for ourselves.

So whatever modesty rules you set for your children, be willing to follow them yourself, for the sake of holding them and yourself accountable. What will you say when your daughter asks you why modesty matters? First and foremost, God calls us to modesty and purity. Secondly, how a girl dresses will determine the kind of guys she attracts.

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Your daughter may think she wants any kind of attention, but does she really want it from the guy looking for as much as he can get, as fast as he can get it from any girl at all? A quick word to teen girls…rejection hurts. A lot. I firmly believe the prayers of my parents, grandparents, and many others helped keep me from making some bad decisions that would have had serious consequences.

Does Modesty Matter Anymore?

Will prayer make your daughter perfect? Of course not.

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But if earthly parents want purity for their daughter, how much more does our Father in Heaven want it for ALL of his daughters? Most people when they hear that word think of how a woman might dress. Is that all modesty is? Does God want us to manage our hemlines?

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Does modesty truly matter anymore? With elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes. In this context, being modest means to avoid boastfulness or vanity. Instead, we should adorn ourselves with good deeds.

Daughters of God

Because we profess to worship God. And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Daughters Of God.........Modesty Matters

Here is another example of modesty, this time in regards to our behavior, speech and dress. Whatever we do should be done to honor God. I would say paying attention to the length of our skirts and the amount of cleavage showing is important.

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Our bodies are a temple 1 Corinthians , that we need to take care of both on the inside and the outside. But we also need to guard our tongue, being sure to speak in a way that is virtuous Ephesians Our behavior should reflect humility and self-control, just as Titus instructs us.

Now, I want to make sure we have the right motivation behind our actions. What we need is an intimate, very personal relationship with Jesus. Everything we do, is motivated by our love for God and a desire to show Him that love.